Man's Regular Haircut         Hair is dampened or dry cut                                 $18.00
Man's Hair Style                   Hair is washed either befor or after cut,                              $22.00
                                                                        dried and styled
Man's Beard Trim                 Trimming of Beard                                              $10.00
Grey Blending &                      Grey is camoflaged not covered for a                        $28.00   
 Hair Styled                                natural younger look


Women's Hair Cut                    Hair is washed, cut, dried and styled                               $25.00
Women's 1 Color                                                                              Call for Pricing
Application, Cut & Styled            
Women's Foils multi color, Cut & Styled                                         $80 and up
Women's Facial Waxing                                                                  $10 per area
Small Heading
Small Heading
Small Heading
Small Heading
1 Tanning Session                                                             $
Small Heading
1 Tanning Session                                                               $ 7.00
Small Heading
1 Tanning Session                                                              $ 7.00
Small Heading

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